ABC Financial Services is an independent insurance broker with a deep knowledge of the insurance market. Whether it is protecting yourself, your family, your possessions or your property, we can offer tailor made solutions to provide you with peace of mind.

We offer a large range of products which include: life insurance (also called life assurance); critical illness cover; mortgage protection; accident, sickness and unemployment protection; buildings and contents cover for both residential and buy to let properties.

We understand that the need to have sufficient cover to protect the things most important to you is paramount and so we offer a free review of your insurance needs with a view to providing a tailor made solution to meet them. We handle the entire application process for you too.

The thing with insurance is that there are some commonly held misconceptions about the industry:

I don’t need insurance because I don’t have a mortgage…
This is the most common misconception we hear at ABC Financial Services and it is something we are passionate about changing. If you have family that will be left behind if you die, or affected if you can’t work, then insurance is vital. Even a single person should have enough insurance to cover any debts and pay for a funeral.

Insurance is always very expensive…
Insurance is expensive if you buy too much of the wrong thing but if you are properly advised it is surprisingly affordable – that’s where we come in. We are determined that our client’s insurance solutions are sustainable for the long-term so we ensure that the plan we devise provides as much cover as possible within your budget.

Life insurance starts from as little as £5 per month so why not get in touch for a quote and see what the cost is for you?

Insurance Companies Never Pay Claims…
This is another popular misconception. The stories that you hear in the media are only the claims that have been mishandled whereas in fact, the vast majority of genuine claims are paid in full. For example, the industry average for critical illness claims shows that over 92% of claims are indeed paid in full.

Some form of insurance protection is vital, no matter what your circumstances, and at ABC Financial Services we take the hassle away by designing bespoke solutions that fit your budget. Get in contact with us now for your free review!